Excerpt of Syntagma at Stereolux (Nantes, France)

3D Analogue Multimedia Concert
Syntagma means a compound made up of contradictions, though a coherent conglomerate is the end result of practice. In linguistic terms is the sequence of words in a particular syntactic relationship to one another; a construction. This work uses music as an analogy to language in the broadest sense. Both, because of the linear character generate a concatenation of different single elements which represent diverse type of music styles like: electronica, experimental, classical and jazz among others, ending in a well set and concrete instance.

Movimiento N°17

Movimiento N°17
The representation of Mexico as a visual poem by means of an immediate aesthetic approach seeks to evoke the essence of the country’s identity, without appearing blunt or simplistic. The artwork conjoins Mexico’s idiosyncrasies in a fresh manner: it plays with perspective and point-of-view, and uses the folkloric, autochthonous language of a colourful people. The piece “Movimiento Nº17” (Movement no. 17) consists of three elements: 32 horizontal lines 31 horizontal transitions The full text of the Constitution of the United Mexican States of 1917 (in its current version), spread over 17 vertical columns. The colours for the 32 horizontal lines are taken from the seals of the respective states, which are organised in alphabetical order from top to bottom. Chosen at random, they create a clear and optically dynamic pattern; however, the original hue remains always the same. This is also true for the transitions. They are another colour taken from the seal of the next state to follow. The resulting optical dynamism is the eponymous movement and the central concept of the artwork. This visual phenomenon stems from a special printing technique which normally uses only one, precise numerical colour value. For the conception of this work, however, 32 independent values were used, which reflect the poverty index for each state. The visual oscillation, then, results from two factors: the social gaps between the Mexican states and the beholder’s movement through the room as she fixes her gaze on the artwork. Thus, were there no social inequality in Mexico, there would be no movement in “Movimiento Nº17”.
“Those who have lost their identity are a numb people, on the verge of oblivion.”

I_I Spatiotemporal

Spatiotemporal: a scientific definition brought into a performance.
Four Berlin based (dance and media) artists explore the intricate concepts of space and time in social manifestations of angst, freedom and oppression. Between pleasure and distress, they examine the aesthetics of horror and take you on a ride through the interrogations and fears of our time.

Balz Isler

Signe Koeofoed

Lvis Mejía

Jasha Viehstädt

"Out" at Mapping Festival (Geneva, Switzerland)

Excerpt of Multimedia Concert
"Out" live at Mapping Festival

"Æon Artifex" at Centro Multimedia México

Exerpt of Multimedia Concert
Æon Artifex live at Centro Multimedia México

"Increasing" at the International Festival of Music and New Technologies Visiones Sonoras (Morelia, Mexico)

live at the International Festival of Music and New Technologies Visiones Sonoras

Don Lon

Don Lon

"Some Apocalyptic Signals from Above" (Paris, France)

This multimedia concert is rather a conceptual manufacture in its structure and form than just a sequenced musical expression.  It has been conceived to be experienced from the beginning till  the end without any kind of interruption of distraction as  part of its thematic continuous stream.  The still increasing radical changes in our planet provided by our destructive race is the main topic of the work. As an analogy, the title "Some Apocalyptic Signals from Above". As the mother nature continues with its logical drastic complains which are expressed in an well deserved radical and draconian way, the humankind keeps on perturbing and altering with abominable methods the normal(natural)flow of coexistence. This audiovisual work is not only the formula or conjunction obtained by my time based impression of the global surrounding, it also tries to show trough its continuous changes and pragmatic ideology a concrete deep and artistic development. Both resources(audio and video)converge on a impressive line of correlation consisting in a tuned chained statement acting with intense self captured or computer generated images. 

Contemporary Art Ruhr (Essen, Germany)

Lvis Mejía performing at Zollverein World Cultural Heritage Site

"Sky Layers"

Audiovisual installation



Conference about "Cacofonética" at the International Festival of Music and New Technologies Visiones Sonoras 2011.

Lvis Mejía´s œuvre has been experienced at some iconic venues, including the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the ICA in London, the dOCUMENTA 13 in Kassel, the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin, the MUAC in Mexico City, the Hamburger Kunsthalle, the Mapping Festival in Geneva and the MUTEK MX among other museums, galleries, festivals and concert halls.


Auditive and visual work as well as diverse musical performances have been also broadcasted by the international media.